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US. CDC: Zombies Preparedness 101

Let’s admit it. Silently, we have all hoped for a zombie apocalypse at one time or another! It just so happens that the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has official documentation for just such an occasion. This tongue and cheek preparedness course however, does offer some good pointers for surviving any disaster, Zombie, or otherwise. Food & Water Enough food and water for 72 hours. one gallon per person per day. Remember the Medicine If you take daily prescriptions, have enough on hand to get you through. Bug out Bag Extra clothes, batteries, emergency radio, flashlight...

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Wild Cattail – Edibles & Survival

Cattail – Wild Edibles Series The "Super Market" of wild edibles. Cattail – Wild Edibles Series In a survival situation, if you come across the Cattail plant, chances are you have the four basic necessities needed to survive readily available near you: Food, shelter, water and a source of fuel for heat! If you find yourself roughing it in the wilderness in early summer, and happen upon the Cat O’ Nine tail plant, you can harvest it for a multitude of items. Often referred to as “the supermarket of the plant world” the cattail plant has a great many...

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Blair Witch 2016 – Review

Somewhere in Burkittsville, Heather Donahue is rolling in her shallow forest grave. When I first heard that there was going to be an official sequel to The Blair Witch Project, I was incredible stoked. “But wait, wasn’t there already an official sequel”, I can hear you say. Stop, just stop right there. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, never happened okay? Let’s just get that out of the way right here, right now. That abomination of a film, will herein be called “The film which shall not be named!” Blair Witch 2016, was released September 16th of this year....

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Surviving the Dead

Every Beginning has an end... Reborn from the ashes, they rise Surviving the Dead Welcome to Surviving the Dead. Hopefully, some of you may recognize a handful of the content here, as we were formerly known as The Running Dead 5k. Unfortunately, our safe house was overrun with the un-dead, and we had to make a hasty retreat to a new location! But, fear not my friends. Surviving the Dead will continue to bring you great content you have grown to love and expect. What we do We offer entertaining content that can be related to real life emergencies,...

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